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The Future is a “Pluriverse”- An Interview with David Bollier on the Potential of the Commons

By on May 21, 2017

The Transnational Institute for Social Ecology, an Athens-based group with a commitment to democratic and ecological cities, recently published an interview with me, conducted by Antonis Brumas and Yavor Tarinski.  Among the topics discussed: the compatibility of commons and markets; the potential of urban commons; the links between commons and ecology; and my sense of... Continue reading

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Thomas Greco Explains the Credit Commons

By on March 15, 2016

    Banks create money by making loans. Author and money expert Thomas Greco uses simple analogies to explain how this process works. He also explains how Direct Credit Clearing offers a simple, legal, and effective means for eliminating the

It Belongs to Everyone

By on March 12, 2016

We share so very much…but who does it really belong to?   The many efforts of groups around the world are converging for justice, peace, the end of poverty, the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals, and the restoration of

Twelve Benefits of a Commons-Focused Approach – #Commons

By on March 12, 2016

Mhere are many benefits from re-looking at difficult, immovable situations from the ancient perspective of the Commons By Kevin Hansen Originally published June 2011; updated March 2016 During the process of filming the documentary The Commons, it has become clear that

Cool Springs Market Commons: Dan Reyes Shows How to Provide Healthy Local Food

By on July 2, 2015

Food activist and organizer Dan Reyes explains how to provide healthy food at the Cool Springs Market in Wilmington, Delaware. This project was an amazing community Commons effort that brought together many organizations and businesses, along with local farmers, community