The Commons is a documentary film about communities all over the world re-asserting sustainable, responsible futures using ancient Commons principles. The Commons are the shared resources of the world, owned by all, not just a few. The Commons are an ancient-new open-source code around the sharing of resources.

Five years in the making, we listened as 49 communities in the Americas, Europe and south Asia told us what has made their Commons work over the centuries. In the face of commodification and privatization, when everything seems to have a dollar value, Commoners are now saying, we’re taking a new path forward…

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PLACE: People Linking Art Community & Ecology

By on September 24, 2015

Re-Posted from Republicoflight’s Vimeo page:

PLACE is an urban demonstration center that holds space for any idea that supports the creation of a New Paradigm, in which education is experiential, technologies are green, individual gifts are empowered by a community, public spaces are reinvented, the commons are the link, life and death are sustainable and celebration is highly suggested.
It’s a reminder of how we live together, and how we live with Nature.

Imagine a Place where anything you want to create can happen.
Imagine a world full of these Places…

PLACE es un centro de demostración urbano que contiene cualquier idea en servicio de la creación de un Nuevo Paradigma, en el que la educación es experiencial, las tecnologías son verdes, los dones individuales son motivados por la comunidad, los espacios públicos son reinventados, los bienes comunes son el link, la vida y la muerte son sustentables, y la celebración es más que bienvenida.
Es un recordatorio de cómo vivir entre nosotros y cómo vivir con la Naturaleza.

Imagina un lugar en donde lo que sea que quieras crear, puede suceder.
Imagina un mundo lleno de estos lugares…
Video by Republic of Light ( or
Additional footage by Lauren Donohue &
Music by Dirtwire

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