The Commons is a documentary film about communities all over the world re-asserting sustainable, responsible futures using ancient Commons principles. The Commons are the shared resources of the world, owned by all, not just a few. The Commons are an ancient-new open-source code around the sharing of resources.

Five years in the making, we listened as 49 communities in the Americas, Europe and south Asia told us what has made their Commons work over the centuries. In the face of commodification and privatization, when everything seems to have a dollar value, Commoners are now saying, we’re taking a new path forward…

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It Belongs to Everyone

By on March 12, 2016

We share so very much…but who does it really belong to?
The many efforts of groups around the world are converging for justice, peace, the end of poverty, the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals, and the restoration of a healthy planet.

Reason, creativity and freedom: the communalist model

By on February 19, 2017

Whether the twenty-first century will be the most radical of times or the most reactionary … will depend overwhelmingly upon the kind of social movement and program that social radicals create out of the theoretical, organizational, and political wealth that has accumulated during the past two centuries… The direction we select … may well determine... Continue reading

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John Thang interviews Layne Hartsell on his work and new book

By on February 19, 2017

Originally published on Post-Truth: Matters of Fact and Matters of Concern—An Internet of Thinking Together (Global Digest, Seoul) John Thang (JT) Global Digest: Let’s go with your background and work, first. Tell about your work in Asia, 10 years right? Layne Hartsell (LH): Yes, and you and I have known each other for about... Continue reading

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How do we mobilize today ? Charles Heckscher on Transient Solidarities

By on February 18, 2017

Charles Heckscher is a great scholar on the evolution of forms of cooperation within business entities, and on collective action with the labor movement. In this brilliant overview, that starts with historical forms, he outlines the new forms of solida...